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Why should you choose a smaller company for 3D-measured surveys and laser scanning?

The technology behind 3D measured surveys and laser scanning has developed quickly over the past few years and in its wake has revolutionised the architecture industry.

Embracing the power, precision and efficiency of this technology is proving essential for firms amongst a market that is becoming more and more competitive.

There are many companies offering these services and it can quite often feel like a mine field. Who to choose, what the pricing means and what service you can expect from each differs vastly.

So why should you use a company like Space Captures? What benefits are there for choosing a smaller company? In this blog we explore why you should choose a company like ours.

1. Personal service

It may seem quite obvious, but you can’t replace the personalised service you receive from a smaller company like Space Captures.

Picking up the phone or seeing us on site, you’ll often be met with our Director Levi. He’s passionate about how the technology we use can support architects to excel in their field and provide exceptional service to their clients.

With smaller companies we often have a smaller client base, so the service you receive is bespoke and tailored to your needs. We’re able to invest more time in our clients and cultivate those relationships.

At Space Captures we pride ourselves in exceptional service and making our clients feel like their work matters.

2. Flexibility

Being a smaller company allows us to be flexible. We can tailor and mould our services to uniquely fit your needs.

Because our operation is smaller, we’re able to pivot our operations to embrace new technology, stay up to date with the latest advancements and be nimble enough to customise our processes to suit each projects needs.

We love making tailoring our services for each project and providing the client with expert accuracy, precision and clarity.

3. Cost

The 3D measuring and laser scanning industry can often me labelled with a high ticket price. However, at Space Captures we’re here to break down those boundaries.

Working with a smaller company means we’re able to provide extremely competitive prices. We have low overheads, smaller operations and leaner budgets. Which means we can pass those savings onto our clients.

We work with you to find a solution that is right for your project and budget.

4. Communication

We’ve already said you’ll often see our Director, Levi, onsite and at the end of the phone. We love being easily available to our clients and are able to provide a direct line of contact for each client. Response times are quicker, you don’t have to speak to a different person each time, you’ll be able to build relationships with our team and work together effectively and efficiently.

5. Quality Control

At Space Captures, we’ve built our business on a foundation of passion and experience.

Each project is personally overseen by qualified BIM and CAD experts, so we can ensure each project is high quality and accurate.

Each client is important, so we want to ensure we provide exceptional service every time.

While larger 3D scanning companies have their merits, choosing a smaller provider can offer unique advantages. From personal service to better communication. And of course, competitive pricing, we love what we do and the clients we support.

So, if you want to take your practice to the next level, maybe it’s time to invest in 3D-measured survey and laser scanning technology. Get in touch to see how it can help your next project.

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